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sedan auto conversion

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anyone kno if it is at all possible to change an auto sedan tranny for a 6 speed manual and would it bolt ryt up ect hmmm i wonder ??? :D
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yeah thats the prob. was just a question i had in mynd.... really wanted a manual i hate auto but its all they had needed to be pre orderd wat not i messed up but i guess eventually i can do wat you did to your ryd crock89 nitrous that iiissshhh naw wat i mean ... thanx for your input guys
lol naw holmes that just how i ryt when i chopp it up lol how bout contributing to the post ..??? not all of us come from the burbz lil homie, i would love it for us to meet so i can bitch slap your ass guaranteed you will walk your ass back to your ryyyyyddddd with a quickness now get 2 stepping karnal alrato
red enough for u ..????
thnx for the input guys sorry on the outburst
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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