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So far all I've done is remove the "forte" badge in the back, swap the stock air filter for a k&n drop in, removed the valve cover, and gotten a catback exhaust system installed, 2.5" pipe, as straight as possible, to a magnaflow single chamber oval muffler, 2.5" out aimed down so my rear bumper doesn't get burned off lol
pictures are attached, sorry for the dirt/pollen, ebony black is pretty hard to keep clean
next up:
17" wheels for sure, I'm thinking something like this:
Wheel Details - Discount Tire
after the wheels, I'm thinking 2" lower in the front and an inch or an inch and a half lower in the back, hopefully with some coilovers if I can find any
tail light tint
running my GPS cord behind the dash of course
TURBOKIT! (as soon as it's available)
and, of course, with the turbo kit, a new clutch
that's probably about all I'm going to do to this car, I'm not into overdoing it and making it tacky, I like the appearance pretty much as-is
Let me know what you think and any ideas you've got!


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Shouldn't the muffler have a nice stainless tip at the end?
not when it's impossible to see unless you're looking under the car
I considered it, but It's a sleeper car, noone can see the exhaust, they just hear it coming
If I had the EX or SX, with the cutouts in the diffuser to where you can see the pipe, I definitely would've went with polished stainless
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