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At the SEMA Show it's no surprise to see high horsepower street and race cars. It's far less common to see a modified hybrid. And while there are a few tuned Priuses and CR-Zs, over at the Kia booth is the world's first Forte Hybrid. This is not a conventional tuner car, but a one off concept built by Kia's motorsports partner Kinetic Motorsports.

The team at Kinetic sourced the parts from Hyundai's Elantra hybrid (currently on sale in South Korea) and applied the drivetrain to the mechanically-similar Forte. The car uses a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that runs on propane (or liquefied petroleum gas) and a lithium polymer battery pack.

Kia hasn't announced any fuel economy numbers, but the Hyundai version gets 42-mpg.

And because this is SEMA, the modifications don't stop there. The Forte also gets some new alloy wheels, low rolling resistance tires and some custom bodywork.

More: SEMA 2010: Kia Forte Hybrid Concept Revealed in Las Vegas on
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