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Shift Knob

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Is there any replacement or aftermarket shift knobs for KOUP Sx automatic transmission, had the car now for a few months and the silver finish is all chipped up and wearing away, i dont even know what from i havent scratched it or anything yet, its like my palm sweat is eating it away.

maybe there is like a full leather one out there or something,

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Similar to radamrocker, I am looking for a replacement shift know for my SX Koup manual. The silver seems to wear easily and wanted something that had a better feel that worked with the "special reverse shift up thing". I am sure you guys know what i am talking about.
Not sure about the auto but if you do a search for "shift knob" in the forum you will find a couple threads about the manual shift know and some that work
Thanks for the heads up on the shift knob. I HATE when the silver finish comes off. Since I am going to buy a 2011 Koup I think that I will take it to an shop and have them make me a leather boot for the knob. Maybe that's a solution to your problem too.
I have a leather shifter. But if I had one with a silver finish, after reading this thread, I would probably be tempted to grab some of my wife's clearcoat nail polish and give the shifter(Notice how I avoided saying 'knob' :)" a few coats to keep the finish in place before fading takes hold.
i just bought one from autozone.... it came with the set of plastic things that fit over the post and then u screw the knob into the plastic... basically a universal fit... only problem i had was the post looked a little to long so i super glued the original peice to the shift knob... i no my vocabulary isnt the best idk the best way to describe it... im at work now but ill get some pics later
so those SHUTT ones will work, how hard is to pop one on
oh wait nevermind they are all for manuals
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