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Shift solenoid

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Hey im new to this I have a 2019 Kia forte MDI and having problems with a check engine light.
Check engine light is P0773 Shift control solenoid valve E electrical fault.
I checked transmission fluid and that was okay.
Then I replaced the Shift solenoid.
Check the wiring harness to see if It was a short in the harness.
Have power from the module going down to the transmission.
Also my scan tool I can not pick up any live data for the shift solenoid.
I also checked all the fuses but I didn’t see any fuse for the transmission.
What am I’m missing
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The sensor may have gone bad or it's failing. Nee parts can & do go bad. See if you can remove & clean/spray with MAF/MAP cleaner.

See if your local junk/salvage yard has a 2019 & use that sensor to see if it's your sensor works or not.

Hope this helps a bit
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