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shock absorber?

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my koup rides a little too rough for my tastes, so ive been looking around for some things to help. so good find or not?

how do your fortes ride?
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never seen something like this, but if i had to guess, this would make it worse not better because your are reducing the flow of the spring. but then again i could be wrong. there are a couple of ways to make your ride a little easier but it could effect your performance as well
ya my older bro has never seen anything like them before so neither of us were sure if they would do anything for me or not. thanx cuse
If you have an SX you could downsize your rims and get higher profile tire!
i do have an sx lol but i love my rims and tires! i guess ill just have to deal with it lol maybe its just the roads are really bad now
no problem tanman, and matemorh is right, that is a good option, to let the tires do the work, im not 100% sure but i think you can fit 215/55/17 on the rim without rub, check on another thread i believe there is a discussion about it.
thanx cuse, ill definitely look more into that
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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