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shopping-choices... experiences?

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hello everyone......

looking to buy new car (woo hoo) after i've decided my 1995 one is more than damn ready to die(or be killed)

came across the koup after a joke
(43 years old- told the ladies at work i was looking at getting a soul- they laughed)

any how-
simple problem
seems much harder than i can figure out w/o hearing some straight out up front "wake up dude" stuff.........or from hearing from folks who have gone thru what i am going thru.....
my current car (the 1995 one) i bought straight up- had check in hand-knew what i wanted-crap ass car as trade in mentioned at last minute-in otherwords- as far as i could tell- the salesperson just had to sit and sign papers to make the sale- (and keep mouth shut about great "dealer add ons")

i've searched the dealers in a 75 mile radius of where i live.
none- absolutely none have the exact car i want.

so here is the question-

has anyone had the same experience/got tips for me going to a dealership -cash in hand, crappy ass trade in at last minute and actually getting dealership to get the exact car you are looking for?

GD- i hate shopping for cars-

blk sx w/all the trim
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Pretty much every dealer will tell you that if they don't have the car you want they can get it for you within a week. I went on, put in my zip code, then click "auto buying", then click the "auto buying experience". You can search the make, model, trim, and options of the car you want, they'll find dealers that have it (or can get it) and they also give you a discount. Even if you don't buy from one of the dealers they put you in touch with, you can print out the prices and use them as a bargaining tool at other dealerships.

I found a good deal on a Forte SX in Maryland (pretty far drive for me, I live in mid-north NJ). I called another dealership near my home, told them the price I was given they said they could match it. I got a new Forte SX with sun roof, cargo net, EC mirror with home link, and floor mats for 18.7k out the door (after taxes and fees). I probably could have gotten it for less but it was my first time negotiating for a car and I was kind of panicky but I know I got a great deal (under invoice price). I also traded in a 1998 Mercury Sable and got $800 for it. Hope this helps.
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The best trick I have found that works is lookup a similar car, a Civic is the one I used for mine and use that as a bargaining tool. Tell the sales guy you found a nice Civic at a great deal with your trade-in but you thought you would check out Kia and Scion too, just for kicks, before you buy it.

Straight away they will offer you a better price than sticker. Tell them the color and rough spec of the Civic and ask if they have something similar, if not, will they get it (although I have found cars on the lot are easier to get more money off of, dealers like to keep there stock moving). Even once you have negotiated a low price, just let them know you are going to phone the Honda garage as they were "really nice to you and give them a chance to see if they will do any better". Play the I don't care if its a Honda or Kia game, your just looking for a great deal.

There goal is not to let you walk out of the dealership without a car, they will do every trick in the book to make you sign on the dotted line.

Thats my two cents, good luck!
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