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oh it's the stock radio with an LOC and a clarion pre-amp/EQ.
im trying to the same . I want to keep the stock radio. My problem is how to remove the front plastic cover with out braking the tabs . Did you use a flat head screw driver or a particular tool to remove it with out breaking the tabs. Can you post a write up on how to install the radio .

I have done aftermarket car stereos install but not a factory with the low out converter .

Do i even have to remove the radio if am just going to run the LOC from a rear speaker and plug the rca to the amp . The remote to turn on the amp is the only thing am going to have trouble with .

am also goin to be running a small fan because my runs hot.

I had install a radio on my old evolution.which will be going into the forte 5

1) hifonic zeus amp 300x 2
2)12 inch sub 1500 watts rms 3000watts peak
3) 5.0 farad cap
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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