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Silver Sx

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Buddy of mine wanted me to take some Koup Sx photos. I think after he see's these he's definately coming to see me. Enjoy :)
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Those are some great photos. I'm not a wing fan but that looks pretty nice.
i picked the one with the wing on purpose, haha. holla
That wing looks pretty darn good -- especially in the second photo...looks like it was made for the Koup!
thanks for the feedback fellas. i wish the wing would of came out on the other photos!! it's all good though, it was a fun photoshoot. holla
Looks good!! Don't forget to post you car in the January Kia of the Month thread!
Really great photos you took, especially the first one. I want to take nice photos like this but the weather's been so terrible. :(
i want to take a blue one so bad. we have one here on the lot but it doesn't have a wing. it's cool though, cause it's gonna look so siiiiick!! holla
Very nice photos. It's good to see we have a photographer (or someone that knows how to use Photoshop/GIMP) on the forum. I just got my Koup SX a few days ago so I haven't had any time for good pictures. I like that spoiler though... I had set in my mind not to add on a spoiler to mine but yours looks pretty awsome. :p

Btw, have some higher res images? I'd like to use one as a wallpaper. The first pic is nice. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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