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Simple problem... I hope?!?

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Ok so one of my tail lights went out and wouldnt light up when i would break. So I changed the bulb.... Now when I have my lights on it just stays lit as if i am applying the breaks but if i dont have my breaks on it still doesnt light up when i brake.... Any suggestions of what the problem is?? Or has anyone else had this problem???
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Did you use a dual filament bulb or a single filament? First thought.
Sounds like a short in the socket. But yea....see if you got the right bulb in first!
Honestly im not sure.... I just went to local auto part store and said i need the tail light bulb for my car and that is what they gave me.... :(
The 1157 and 1156 have different offsets on the side pins. But for the brakes, you should have gotten a 1157 bulb.
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