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So Cal Meet 2/20/11

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So who's going? and where are we meeting up at?
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i might go, i might be missing some body parts by then lol. Just name a place
Hello, So Cal Forte Tribe, Where is everyone... are we having a meet or what?
i'm not going to be able to make it =/
i have to work
I dont think the weathers guna be so great either...
Well damn, wish I would've seen this thread when it was still current. Had alot of crap going on the last few weeks and now I deploy on Tuesday. Hopefully there will be some cool new mods when I get back in 7 months! haha
^ good luck, stay safe out there.
did u guys have a meet already or still plaining it?
did u guys have a meet already or still plaining it?
OH SNAP. another forte owner in winnetka, lol sweet. what color is the koup?

anyways what is everyone doing this weekend?
i dont have a forte. i have a spectra. i almost got a 4dr ex in manual silver was suppose to be ordered but they were lagging and when i went up to the dealer i saw a black koup ex in manual but couldnt get it cuz i didnt have anymore money :(.... but yea i have a spectra and havent seen any koups driving around here
ahh damn. oh well still welcome lol. well i think im the only white koup in the valley. i live near Pierce College but i go to CSUN so im always driving that way
lol thats funny cuz i live near pierce college, but never seen a white koup or any forte driving in the area, btw i go to pierce college. "The kia guy" lives around the area too and goes to pierce. i met him at a last meet. we should meet up sometime im off of work thursdays and saturdays
yeah lets do it, hopefully we can get a good group to show up also
A local meet would be down
idk probably, i saw someone with a black sx koup at pierce once but i didnt get the chance to talk to them and i havent seen it since
ive slowly been seeing some koups at csun as well, one guy i high beamed at as a gesture of "yo yo nice car" but then he turned his head lights on for some reason lol
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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