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i finally read (ok-skimmed) the manual to figure out that funny button to the left of the steering wheel that has the squiggly lines on it like the rear defrost button .....
so i've got "windshield wiper de-icers"
thats gonna work real good here in sunny florida- lol

but seriously-
what else are they good for?
does that mean i also have outside rearview mirror decicers also?
i sorta glanced thru the manual- doesnt really explain either the wipers or the mirror bits....

i am tempted to push that button to see what happens - but then again- deicing vs 80 deg weather in the mornings.....i dont wanna blow anything up on the car just yet-
(or do i? after all- i gotta get that damn rocker switch for the int.lights fixed)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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