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Socal Park Meet And Bbq

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I'm planing a meet at a park in my area for a meet and greet and BBQ. thought i could get a bunch of new people to meet up with other kia folks. I'm planing to have it on may 28th which will give everyone enough time to plan. i have chosen a nice park. heres the address:

Lake Balboa/Anthony C. Beilenson Park
6300 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91406

i posted this over streetkiaz and soulhamsters. trynna get a large crowd of kias to unite lol. hope i see most of you there. if you have any questions let me know. also we can get a list going to see if people can bring something. if i can get a good amount of people i will reserve a picnic pavillion depending on how much it is. again if you have questions dont hesitate to ask. i know i could put down so much info now but i just wanna give a brief explanation of whats going on. so far i got two people joining .
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Sounds good man hopefully we will get a big turn out
didnt realize this is memorial weekend lol
should we make like a check list of what we should bring lol
yea u read my mind lol. i have some stuff written down in "my meets notebook" lol ill post down some ideas later........

so today i went up to the park to scope the area. well first thing is theres plenty of benches and BBQ pits so thats really not a problem if its packed, which i doubt will be even though its memorial weekend its on a saturday and most people do things on a sunday or that monday. 2nd thing is that this park is so huge (80 acres of land and 23 acres of lake) that its broken down into sections i guess. im not sure how man sections there are but its broken down into a bridge(you cross one bridge your in another section of the park). 3rd thing is parking isnt an issue but could be an issue parking together depending on how many people are coming. 4th thing is they have picnic pavillions which have 4 benches under a sorta teepee area but i have to make reservations for that(don't wanna get kick out the park for not following rules). hmmm what else...they do have some dirty BBQ pits we could use our own, kinda dont trust theirs. since were by the lake/pond, there are many ducks in this area walking around flying and swimming. they will not bother u if u dont bother them and no feeding them please. this park is kinda hidden but there is a sign at the botto, before you enter that u can easily miss if not paying attention. i did find a spot we could have it at, somewhat close to the parking lot and really close to the pond area and jungle jims. other than that i will go thursday when i have to really inspect the area. any other questions just ask
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so i called right now to get reservations for a pavillion and they are booked till late june. so looks like were only gonna have 1 table lol. the good thing is that the benches arent too far apart so if we need and extra bench we could use them
would this workout better for people if its on june 4th?
June is perfect it will give me time to finish some mods on the car and my girl can get off to go with me. I'll bring something if we are doing like a potluck thing.
u wouldnt be able to go on the 28th?
so i went by the park today to see what were gonna be working with. looks like parking lot 2 will be best(will give more details were to meetup later) since i cant get a pavillion looks like we gotta snag two benches. heres what were working with.

heres a pic with two benches close by with no BBQ pit near by

and heres where the parking lot is

heres one same thing but a BBQ pit next to it plus we got the lake near by too

i just dont wanna be under a tree lol. and i know were gonna need more than one bench thats for sure. maybe we should bring another bbq pit tho the ones at the park are small plus were gonna have to clean those before using them
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i guess i'll start off a list of things that should be considered in bringing.

1. grill and coal
2. hot dogs and buns
3. burgers and buns
4. other meats specify
5. chips and dips
6. condiments
7. cooler and ice
8. drinks
9. table cloths
10. plastics and napkins
11. other foods specify
12 games specify
13 canopy
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i think i will be down to go. fuck it i might make the drive there. if enough people confirm with this, ill definitely go! :)
i actually have quiet a few people who cinfirmed
i actually have quiet a few people who cinfirmed
really sweet. ill try my best to have that saturday available. should be sick!
who doesnt??? haha

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at firsti did then de-activated t for a long time thn just reently got back on lol
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