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SoCal Spring Meet

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Let's get a meet planned out for as soon as this weather clears up. I was thinking we could get together with some Souls and make it an unofficial UKE - LA meet? My buddy, who I have mentioned before, that is on a matrix forum is always asking me about meets. Maybe we can try to meet up with them? He also recommended going on a drive at GMR (Glendora Mountain Road) I believe it's called. So maybe a meet then drive while taking pics along the way?
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I'm down with that, just let me know what day of the the week so I can get the day off of work.
Yes!!!! I know there are a lot more fortes in SoCAL so it can definitely turn into a big meet!
Cant wait for this meet, its going to be sick seeing all the fortes lined up :)
:D I'm Down!! I've Been wanting to meet up 4 some time
Anyone want to throw out a date?
A5ylum5150 when does your friend have his meets. Let's get a meet somewhere that the cops ate not going to pull us over for just hanging out.
I want to go..Can I join ???
Thank you :) Let me know the time & location!
He doesnt have a usual time. If we can try and set a date in advance, I can let him know and also post on soul forums to make this a nice big fun meet

How about April 23rd?
That works Saturday after 3 if everyone is okay with that. Bit where would we be meeting up. And where is everyone located in Cali?
How about we meet somewhere from 12-like 4ish to give people time to arrive and we can take some pictures. then we'll head out to our drive? I'll talk to my buddy tonight after I get off work and ask him if there is a good meet up spot before GMR. Ive heard good stuff about that drive and would love for that to be included
april 23rd works for me. i'll most likely be going
april 23rd works for me. i'll most likely be going
Sweet :D ....hey fredstr, have you gotten the information for the UKE stuff?
So what part of California are you guys located in because so far I have only driven by one koup and like six sedans
Im in the north west end of the san fernando valley
Im in the South Bay (Torrance) but I go to school in La Mirada
Im in the Los Angeles.(I can go anywhere)
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