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Some buring smell ?

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After about 20-30 minutes of driving, I can smell something hot/burning coming from the underside. It's unpleasant. Initially, I thought it was the new brake pads settling in (dealer put this in, another long story), but the smell has been there for about a month now. It smells almost like when you drop some cooking oil on the stove or from a dirty oven that's been pre-heated to high temperature. My friend said may be the undercoat was getting heated too hot from the exhaust, but I did not apply any protective coats. Any ideas what could be causing this ?

I've been too lazy to take it to the dealer yet, but probably will be forced to spend 2-3 hours to take it to the dealer to check it out. Bummer.
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You might have a slow oil leak dripping on to your exhaust. This needs to be inspected asap.
I've driven a few Kias that had a similar smell (my Sedona van had it for a fair while). It was the result of some substance that had been applied at the factory, and was being heated by the exhaust.

Oddly enough, I have not had that on my new Forte. Perhaps peculiar to Auto Trans?
Following Michael's advice, I checked the underside with a flash light and I think I found the culprit. I saw a dark spot about the size of silver dollar on the exhaust pipe under the rear passenger seat. It was hardened when I touched it, but it showed signs of having been melted. It did not alike an asphalt, but some other resin.

Now the problem is to find a strong solvent to remove it from the pipe... maybe I'll try nail polish..
Could have been a piece of plastic. tape, etc. left on the exhaust -- or laying across/near the exhaust too. If it is plastic it would be easier to remove when it's hot...but don't burn yourself.
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