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Soon to be fortekoup owner

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Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Chris out of Halifax, NS. Will be buying a new SX Koup come the summer and plan on making some minor but necessary mods to her to beef up the audio system and a few nicnac mods to the look of her. Cannot express how pumped I am to get this car, I have been looking to get a Civic, but a buddy of mine told me about the Forte Koup. I love it. Especially because everyone and their brother are driving around in Civic's, and I haven't seen too many Koup's around.

Hope we all can benefit from this forum!

Take care all
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Welcome. I'm sure you will love the koup when you get it. Enjoy!
Congrats.. any specific trim, colour you looking at?
I finally seen one Silver Koup yesterday after 3 months of owning one. Congrats on your decision, great deal for the coin and welcome to the site.
Thanks for the warm welcome! I am sure I will love it when I get it. Only a month away. I will be getting a black SX, the only ones I have seen around are red.
I have read about people having problems shifting with the MT, is it as bad as people are saying? I still haven't taken one out for an official test drive.
Yes first gear sucks major balls but everything else feels fine... Basically second gear feels like first...
How long did it take to get used to it? Or have you yet lol?
How long did it take to get used to it? Or have you yet lol?
A while... enough said..
One flaw in a great reviewed car...I think I will cope lol.
I bought my car on 2/27 and i am now just getting used to it.. i would say, it will take you at least a couple weeks to get used to it. you just need to "pay attention" when using first..

sounds silly but its the truth

have you test driven a MT forte yet?
No I haven't yet. I am going to university in Newfoundland right now, so I won't be back home to Nova Scotia for another month. I figure if I tested one here, that's all I'd be at instead of preparing for exams. I will be taking one out the first week I get back.
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