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Soon to be new owner in UT.

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Long story short, I'm tired of $450ish a month in diesel for my Ram, so I'm dumping it and getting a Koup. Thinking black SX with the 6MT, leather and sunroof.

I must say, after driving all the comparable Japanese offerings and being disgusted at how they've changed in the 15 years since I owned one, I was blown away by what Kia and Hyundai have to offer. It seems like the stuff from Japan now is designed for people who hate to drive and view cars as appliances. I even drove a Jetta TDI and liked the Kia better. Go figure.

A little about me... I'm in northern UT, ex military and fly helicopters. My passion is motorcycles and can be found at our local track throwing my bikes around. I also like camping, RC airplanes, playing with guns.

I look forward to learning from you guys and sharing what I know. :)
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Love everything but the black. It's a _real_ pain in the backside. It looks good when well maintained and clean but that is seriously a 24/7 _job_.

I have an F150... which is the reason I bought a Kia. Looking at those gas prices and they just flipped to $3.15 in SLC. I still have the truck but it's always just stayed parked in the garage until it's needed.

I too looked at many different vehicles. Compact vehicles from the US manufactures just sucked. I had a 2008 Focus that had just about everything (company car) and my Kia Forte EX is really just as nice on the inside (less the sunroof and leather seats).
Yep yep, black's a PITA. I owned a black CRX and then a black Civic hatch back in the day when I lived in Vermont with the sloppy north east winters. I know well the dedication required to keep a black car looking good. Cars are so much easier to keep clean out here, you have no idea. lol... :)
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