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Driving to Tulsa to go pick up a slightly used GT. It has 3100 miles on it. I was looking for one with a GT2 package and there were none in the DFW area. Fire Orange was one of my color choices so it all worked out. Pictures show the summer tires on it. Company I work for gives me a SUV to drive so this will be a fun car. Trading in an Infiniti Q50 for actually more than the price of the GT. Q50 was a nice car but a bit of overkill for what I need. My payment will be a lot lower as I plan to take the equity in the Q50 and put 4-5K down on the GT.
Dealership has 40 pics of it but we've all seen a Fire Orange GT before. We test drove one last week and it was a hoot to drive. I've seen a couple YouTube reviews and they all seem positive. I like the warranty and both me and the wife have had Kia/Hyundai before.
Don't plan to do any performance mods but I will probably re-badge it and maybe put a black stripe wrap on it. I like the black orange color combo.
Plan to come back here often to see what others are doing to theirs.
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