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SOOOO many new parts!!

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So i was bored and decided to check out SuperRich Motors website and wow they have soo many new things... body kit, side skits, fog lights, grills....​

Sequence Side Skirt... Really clean looking​


New Fogs​

Sorry for the HUGE pictures.... but they have even more awesome stuff on the site check it out and no i dont work for them or else id already have all these parts lol​
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hahaha yeah I no right!! someone needs to get korean auto on the phone with these people...

I must say the Fog Lights are my favorite and I will deff buy them as soon as someone american/ebay sells them
is it just me or do the rims on the red one with body kit that are obviously the stock SX rims but they look alot bigger idk maybe its just and angles
theyre not bigger. its a mix btw it being lowered and the body kit and the lighting. the pic of the rear shows theyre stock. the white koup with the led fogs is effin badass!!!!!!!! these parts need to be for sale for us!!!!
they have a completely new front bumper
The bright lip with the sequence sides would look really good together, don't you think?
how can i see the prices!!?? I want the red koup body kit!!!
Contact korean auto imports with the link and ask them if they can get it for you
The bright lip with the sequence sides would look really good together, don't you think?
Bright lip ? spoiler or what?
I'm looking for a front lip like this one. simple look but very nice.

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Bright lip ? spoiler or what?
The lip that is on the whit koup in the bright photos. Is what I meant.
Nice find, Love that front bumper on the red koup!

I contacted Korean auto imports
and they said

Hello Benjamin,

Thanks for your inquiry. The Carrons Koup body kit consists of full
replacement front bumper and side skirts. The price is $1295usd which
includes all import costs to our USA facility. Freight from our location
to your address in AZ will be $120.

Our next boat is leaving Korea in the next 6 weeks, we would need to
receive your order/payment no later than 4 weeks from now to include with
the shipment.

so thats the red koup body kit.. we all seem too like, however its too costly for me right now :( thought you guys might like too know they can get it for you thou :)
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does anyone know what lip is on the white koup in the pictures showing the new fog lights.. i really want it!

thanks for any help.
you can try ask jayongmall on ebay to get you the red koup bodykit. He probably can get it to you faster and for the same price if not cheaper.
i already asked jayongmall about getting a hold of the carrons kit. he can't do it. i think the carrons kit is the nicest one out there, but still over-priced though. anybody know what material it's fabricated with?
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