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Speeding Ticket

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I just got my first speeding ticket in my Forte. Doing 78 in a 60 on Hwy 121 through Grapevine, TX. I was on my way to work from getting my tail lights tinted (which looks great by the way). Motorcycle cop got me. There were about 3 of them posted up on the side of the freeway; I never stood a chance. There goes the money I had planned on using for a CAI :(
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I don't understand why its legal to buy a radar detector and legal for them to be sold in stores, but illegal to use them in my area. It's just stupid. Anyone know what the fine is like if you get pulled over using one? Or is it one of those things cops don't really give tickets for
Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all to be careful. A girl a went to middle school with was in a car accident yesterday and is in critical condition now. 4 people in the car. The girl driving is a senior in my towns HS, she was drunk, hit a guard rail, the girl I knew and the guy in the passengers seat weren't wearing their seat belts and were thrown from the car. The car flipped and crushed the guy killing him, the girl I knew broke her neck, nose, ribs, pretty much everything. So she's on the line between life and death. The driver and other girl got out with minor injuries.

Just hope you guys don't drink and drive. And wear your seat belt. Both of them would of been okay now if they had been.
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