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I am new to the forums and have found a wealth of info on here. Thanks!

I purchased my Forte EX Sedan on June 11th and was very happy w/ my purchase. On June 16th, the airbag light came on and would not go off. On June 18th when I was able to get it into service to be checked out. They found fault codes B1410, B1334, B1329, and B1409. Evidently the SRS Control Module was faulty. They didn't have it in stock and had to order it, scheduled to be in no later then June 23rd. I didn't hear anything, so I stopped in on the morning of June 24th. Was told that the part didn't come in and they were trying to secure one in PA and best case senario it could be overnighted. I was told that all the modules that were out in the field were being sent elsewhere for other vehicles. In the meantime they set me up w/ a rental car since technically my car wasn't safe to drive. Finally received a call from the dealer on June 29th that they had to order a new one and have it shipped from Korea. The estimated delivery date for the part is now July 17th. July 17th is a Saturday and the service dept. closes at noon on Saturdays. If the part doesn't come until that day, I may not get my car back until Monday July 19th. I know it's a new model and all new models have bugs to be worked out, but this seems a little ridiculous to me. I was told that the ones in the field were being used for cars just sitting on dealer lots waiting to be sold. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't allocate just 1 SRS Module in the states to send for my car that I already purchased. I know that there is a recall to reprogram the airbag system, but mine wasn't one of the vehicles recalled. I contacted Kia customer assistance on Friday July 2nd and was told they would get back to me by Wednesday July 7th.

Has anyone else had any issues like this? Any assistance is appreciated.

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Sorry to hear that... KIA consumer assistance will probably not get back to you (so don't be surprised).

From (now working on firefox!):

The primary purpose of the SRSCM (Supplemental Restraints System Control Module) is to discriminate between an event that warrants restraint system deployment and an event that does not. The SRSCM must decide whether to deploy the restraint system or not. After determining that pretensioners and/or airbag deployment is required, the SRSCM must supply sufficient power to the pretensioners and airbag igniters to initiate deployment.
The SRSCM determines that an impact may require deployment of the pretensioners and airbags from data obtained from impact sensors and other components in conjunction with a safing function.
The SRSCM will not be ready to detect a crash or to activate the restraint system devices until the signals in the SRSCM circuitry stabilize.
It is possible that the SRSCM could activate the safety restraint devices in approximately 2 seconds but is guaranteed to fully function after prove-out is completed.
The SRSCM must perform a diagnostic routine and light a system readiness indicator at key-on. The system must perform a continuous diagnostic routine and provide fault annunciation through a warning lamp indicator in the event of fault detection. A serial diagnostic communication interface will be used to facilitate servicing of the restraint control system.


hmmm... that's funny... none of your error codes appear on this module..

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Side Impact Sensor (SIS)
For the B1410 it states:

Component Location

General DescriptionSide Impact Sensor(SIS) is located in both side of center pillar detects broad collision.
When SIS delivers collision signal to SRSCM, SRSCM checks if safing sensor located in SRSCM detects collusion.
and if both SIS and safing sensor detects collision simultaneously, SRSCM operates side air bag.
DTC DescriptionThe SRSCM sets DTC B1410 if there is any error in communication between PSIS and SRSCM.
DTC Detecting Condition


Detecting Condition
Possible cause
DTC Strategy
• Check Data
• Short to power in harness.
• Short to ground in harness.
• Poor connection of connected part(open).
• Faulty PSIS.
• Faulty SRSCM.
Enable Conditions
• Ignition "ON"
Threshold Value
• PSIS no acceleration data
• PSIS High or Low of wire ignition short or Short to ground
• PSIS High or Low of wire Open
Diagnostic Time
• More than 1 sec
• More than 2 sec

Diagnostic Circuit Diagram

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Your car is definitely not safe to drive! lol
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