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We're doing our first run of UKE LA stickers...check out the link for info

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reggie- nood is playing the devils advocate (cheers for him standing up for the correct thing)

if those folks want us to see their stickers-
put them out to see w/o jumping thru hoops.
i agree- there can be a multitude of kia groups- but open sourcing the info is so much more friendly then the jumping the hoops bit.
uke- i am forever reminded of crossword puzzle

and nood- np- i just couldnt understand all the hoops and you just said it all.
ie- all those other threads about folks talking about what they did and how awesome it was w/o anysort of picture or video to back it.

oh yeah- to be one of those folks- i bought a can of nano-diamond shield and a bottle of turtle wax black detailer......yeah- my car is gonna be the coolest black koup out there ;) ( and yes- i really do have both products- along w/the turtle wax black box set...but i have no digital camera- so we are all gonna hear---fail! lol)
lol- mine is still sitting around till i get tired of this crazy assed weather.
i still gotta mount my vortex gens (i know- but i know they will not make my car faster-but will keep my rear window cleaner)
seriously-i gotta find a two week period of nice weather- (and time off work) where i can do all the stuff i want to do to my car.
real life really screws with things sometimes. ;)
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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