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We're doing our first run of UKE LA stickers...check out the link for info

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Would someone put a real link and stop putting login links.

This thread is useless without pictures

(and i definitely wont sign up just to see pictures)
Second, the way i see it, is you're forcing people to sign up on another website to see the pictures, and i have nothing aganist UKE, but if you're talk about stickers and stuff, make it readily viewable by everyone. It doesn't matter if i am a Socal member or not.

All that matters is that this is a thread on FORTEFORUMS forcing people to Sign up on UKE to see those "stickers".

PS: I am totally supportive of UKE
OMG, was that so fucking hard after all?

and why don't i sign up? because i don't want to. the site isn't completely up, and its not that beneficial for me. If you guys start having a decent PA chapter, then i'll join. And no, i won't start one (in case you're wondering). I am busy doing other things in life.

and thanks Tampajoey for the support.
( and yes- i really do have both products- along w/the turtle wax black box set...but i have no digital camera- so we are all gonna hear---fail! lol)
Hows the black box treating you? i have one laying around waiting to be used on my dads audi
I cant understand why people cant take 30 seconds to sign up, the website is trying to get sponsors and the sponsors care about how many people are on the forum. So the website isnt trying to steal members we just need people to get the website going, even if you make a profile and never go back on it. So stop this hating and just help out.
The whole argument wasn't about whether or not i wanted to sign up. It was about the fact that the pictures had to be available in the thread so you don't FORCE people to sign-up.

noodile....has there been anymore talk about coming up with a ForteForums decal???....I am glad to see UKE is coming out with one to support Kia's in general...but I am on here and support this forum mainly...It would be nice and I'm sure we would have the support from our members. Just wanted to get the discussion going again.

And sorry if I am hijacking this thread...
No idea about the decal, but i know you can get stickers if you become a life-time member i think. the main person to ask about all of that is shattered.stars.
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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