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My 2016 center console (it's called a cover plate) that wraps around the gear shift is plastic and has a very tacky surface, which attracts dust and grime constantly. This stickiness is consistent over the entire cover plate so I don't think it's from wear or dropped coffee or cleaning product related. It's only this one part of the console and has been this way for a couple of years. Cleaning it with wipes or degreasers has not helped. Any ideas before replacement? I'm the original owner and live in a warm climate.

This is the part: Buy this Genuine 2014-2016 Kia Cover Plate 84651-A7100K3S | Kia Auto Parts Accessories

2010 Kia Forte Koup SX 2.4L 6MT Theta 2, Titanium silver metallic.
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The rubber coating has deteriorated & it is sticky gummy tacky adhesion. Nothing will take that off unless you completely scrape it off. U can use a knife, pocket knife, razor blade. Something with a sharp smooth edge. No serrated edges

Keep & mess with the old one. When you buy a new one.

Brake/parts cleaner, WD40, goo gone SOMETIMES works, just have to be on it & not completely dry.

Don't use sand paper. No matter what the level of grit won't last you but a few seconds.

I've tried denatured alcohol, nail polish remover, acetone, lacquer thinner, paint remover/stripper, spray gun cleaner.

You can try nail polish remover, acetone or lacquer thinner maybe you'll get a much better result. Use an old clean shirt, socks, rags. Don't use napkins & or paper towels, baby wipes.

Don't paint with any type of paints. Spray & or brush. Automotive, enamel, latex, urethane, Rustoleum, Krylon. The effing mess afterwards due to the paint never drying. 馃が

You're better off getting a new one. Preferably one that all solid plastic, wooden or metal. With no soft plastic/rubber coating.

Upload & post before & after & what was the solution. It helps out the community if any of us run into similar.

If you decide to save the part. Wear old shirt & pants. They'll be you best friend as you use them as napkins.

Hope my reply helps or gives you an "ah ha" idea.

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I have the same issue. I don鈥檛 think the coating has worn, been like that since new. It鈥檚 the type of plastic that was used. I don鈥檛 like it either. I just clean occasionally using baby wipes I keep in car. Have to really scrub, though. It鈥檚 good for a week or so before I have to do it again.
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