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Hello all -

I've been curious about something since I got my car in March. When I have the radio on MAX volume I still have trouble hearing it on the freeway. At some point I'd like to put in better speakers, but I was wondering if there is a setting that can be adjusted so that the stock speakers can kick out a little more sound?

I'm not interested in subs because I've had them before and never turned them up enough to justify the expense (cops around here are very ticket happy when it comes to noise violations) so I just want something that I can turn up on the freeway and still hear and then turn down once I get off the freeway. I'm also not interested in replacing the head unit because this one plays MP3s as I wanted and I don't want to give up Bluetooth even though I only use it infrequently.
There's only like 2 settings that are adjustable, besides your regular bass mid treble. If u don't want to do any serious aftermarket work i suggest only replacing the tweeters with some good ones i think that would help alot
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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