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So with an ear drum removed and some other bits gone bye-bye is your hearing compromised? This sounds like you actually are hard of hearing and in which case the only way you're going to get the factory system to go louder is to replace it. The factory system is limited by it's output and the speaker's quality and while this is fine for most people, you apparently are the exception.

The other option is to determine if your car possibly does have a problem (I would guess the internal amp in the head unit could be faulty) so go to the dealer and ask your saleman to send you out in a demo for a few minutes... see if it's any better.

EDIT: Just had a third option pop into my head: maybe it's not the radio is too quiet, it's the car is too loud? Wind noise, sunroof open, accessories, etc can all add 'white noise' which would make distinct sounds seem quieter. Just other things to explore... but I'd really like to see you drive another Forte on the freeway and see what the difference is.
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