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Actually the tires themselves are in gray area. I believe they are covered by the manufacturer of the tire - not Kia directly. [a bumper to bumper warranty is not exactly bumper to bumper] If you had purchased the tire/rim hazzard warranty like I did - then they will replace the tire or rim at no cost to you, without question. I blew two tires and got a huge bubble on a third tire and all three were replaced. Now, if you didn't purchase the tire/rim hazzard warranty [and you should have if they offered it], then two things:
A. the dealer might step up to the plate and go to bat for you and get that tire somehow replaced [he might do the phone calls and the leg work] or -
B. the dealer will tell you to contact the tire manufacturer.

If you have to do option B. that is not so bad actually. Upon contacting the tire manufacturer they will send you to a service shop to inspect the tire and if it is defective then they will replace it for you.
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