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Stock wheel weight

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I was prepping my stock wheels today to go back on the car as the weather was getting warmer and figured I'd weigh them.

The stock Sedan SX wheel combo weighs 45lbs. That's a nice 180lbs of unsprung weight on your car.
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Thats good to know. Im all about weight reduction
The Koup SX rims/tires weigh 45lbs EACH?! FAWWWWK.
Is that with the plastic inserts?

Yeah, I'd believe they weigh that much after I struggled to get them up on the upper portion of my garage.
Good work Tebore.
What does a good set of aftermarket rims weigh?
guys. he weighed the sedan sx wheels not the koups sx wheels.
id say the koup sx wheels weigh just as much, the car isnt designed for racing its designed for looks kia doesnt care how much the stock wheel weigh.

and arine, aftermarket wheels vary in weight. it really depends on how much you want to spend.
^17lbs for some Volks without tires.
exactly. it just depends on how much you wanna pay.
A nice light combo would ring in at about 30lbs. So you'd shave about 60lbs but it's unsprung weight so it'll help in accelerating and cornering.
From what I have read, 215/45/17 tires weigh 23lbs so that would mean the wheels only weigh about 22lbs which isn't that heavy. So even if you get the Volks @17lbs you are still @ 40lbs per tire and only saving 20lbs in unsprung weight. Not worth the extra $$$ IMO.
Koup SX wheels are 44 lbs each. I weighed them for shipping purposes.
At 22lbs, that's not terrible. I don't think I'll ever swap my SX stock rims, they look way to good :) Plus, they allow a nice amount of air for the brakes.
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