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SX Wheels 4 sale

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Hello everybody:)

Ok I was going too keep my sx wheels but since I love my new wheels etc.. I think I'm just going to let my sx ones go..

there in good shape still have the stock tires on them (not that those tires are of any use I wore them out)

willing to let all 4 go for 300 hundred

if you live in az that would be great for the rest of ya we'd have to talk about shipping cost etc..

instant message me for pictures and details Thxs :)
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You know theres a for sale section right? lol the mods might nail you but idk.

Not tryin to be a jerk just tryin to avoid general trouble haha
no I did not know that one.. my bad just thought since it was wheels I'd post here opps!
still have wheels tires??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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