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I'm looking to buy a Forte Koup EX/SX still not sure. My wife and I bought a Sorento EX from Car Pros last April. It was a good buying exp. Does anyone have any suggestions on somewhere with a better deal, or feel just better overall place to buy from?
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Just try your local KIA dealer as see whats out there. To get a good deal be prepared to walk after some numbers are kicked around that don't suit your liking...
I see your in Washington...See if there are any Kia owners in your area and ask them about their experiences with their particular dealers...I have seen many posts about different dealers withing a given area....That would be helpful to people like you who are trying to find someone to go with....
Yes I know of 5 dealers in the area I'm willing to drive to. I have already bought from one KIA dealership. I know there is at least 2 drivers in my area that are on the forums here. I would like to get their take and see what deal they got so I can be better prepared to negotiate when I walk in. Key point is I would like the actual buying process to take less than 3 hours once I choose the one I want.
I bought an 06 sorento from kia of puyallup and just traded it in for my koup sx last summer. I really like the puyallup dealership myself. However I haven't been to any other kia dealerships. Hope this helps.
i got my forte from car pros right there on south tacoma way...go to the internet sales tho they loove makin deals
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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