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That didn't take long...

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Came out after work and saw this :/

Not even a full 3 days with the car. Its about the size of my fist and goes pretty deep. I have the worst car luck ever. No note or anything, im pretty much screwed.

The dealer painter dude is supposed to paint over some scratches on the front bumper this week, and they need to check the alignment because it pulls to the left. I'm going to see what they can do about it and how much it would cost.
Otherwise, fuck.
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Dammit! I tell you what, what some people don't fuck up, they shit on. You can't have a car these days that don't get beat up. Yes, park far away and walk, it's the only way to lessen the chances of this happening.

Sorry that it happened to you...
The asshat probably has a black mark on the front corner of her car and thinks someone hit her.
Well, I wasn't going to say anything about the sex of the perpetrator but she was probably blabbing amuck on her cell phone.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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