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That didn't take long...

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Came out after work and saw this :/

Not even a full 3 days with the car. Its about the size of my fist and goes pretty deep. I have the worst car luck ever. No note or anything, im pretty much screwed.

The dealer painter dude is supposed to paint over some scratches on the front bumper this week, and they need to check the alignment because it pulls to the left. I'm going to see what they can do about it and how much it would cost.
Otherwise, fuck.
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oh man oh man-that absolutely sucks

folks that do stuff like that will get their souls eaten by worms
I really hope they do...

Damn bro sorry to hear that. Had to me some careless person.
Most likely....

That sucks
I know :(

Worst nightmare.

I feel your pain.
This happen to you too?

does the parking lot have any survalence video footage that they can look up?
Naw, nothing of that sort. My boss wont even drop 50 bucks to put a EMPLOYEE PARKING ONLY sign in the back. He's a cheap greedy bastard. For lunch rush all the stupid high school fucks drive like maniacs behind work, i guarantee it was one of them.

park far away in the day time closer to the outer roads.

its worth the walk, and although it wont guarantee your car wont get hit, it'll lessen the chances.
I do this all the time, But for my work, its either in the back or out of a main street. I don't like it out on the main street.

Dammit! I tell you what, what some people don't fuck up, they shit on. You can't have a car these days that don't get beat up. Yes, park far away and walk, it's the only way to lessen the chances of this happening.

Sorry that it happened to you...
Thanks man. Yeah im just mad that i've only had the car 2 damn days and its already been hit. 2 months down the line i wouldn't have been as mad...but still. Ugh.

I've noticed that it doesn't matter if you park really really far someone will park next to you. It's like they use your car as a reference point (the parking line on the floor if you will).

What I do now is park as close to an entrance as possible or in a place where I can see it if I can. My reasoning is no one is brazen enough to do a hit and run at an entrance full of witnesses.
Thats a good point. Maybe i'll try this sometime.

I feel ya man. Last week, I found a meduim sized dent on my left door, with some black residue or something..maybe from a shopping cart. people just don't care these days. that was the first time parking close in a parking lot. going back to the usual, parking far away.
Yeah i would love to invest in a car survellance kit. Would mind it at all. I don't care if i have to drop 5k$

OUch! what a effing ahole!!!

Sorry about your ride, maybe karma will let his car light itself on fire or something good like that
I would love that.

The asshat probably has a black mark on the front corner of her car and thinks someone hit her.

Well, I wasn't going to say anything about the sex of the perpetrator but she was probably blabbing amuck on her cell phone.
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For a while with my jetta any public place, i would jot down license plate number's on either side of me just in case i came out and saw dents or scratches. Should do it more often now.
In a shopping mall or other public place the cars could change next to you by the time you get out and it might not be the ones you jotted down or took pictures of.

I try to park away but as mentioned already that sometimes attracts cars to park near you anyway.

It sucks and I feel bad for you.
true, but it helps narrow it down a ton :)


"Try and scratch me now fuckers!!"
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