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I stumbled across this the other day. Apparently KIA has finally got the engineering bugs out of it, and they finally released the Remote Start for sale through the KIA Parts Department of dealerships.

First, the part number of the Remote Start is this: U8560 1M000. It lists for US$350.00. Various dealerships have it at varying prices. My local dealership won't even budge off of the list price (stupid THEM).

As usual, I'm going to squawk about the best dealership I have found for factory KIA accessories.... Kia Parts, Accessories, Auto Parts, Accessory, Guaranteed Best Price - Kia Accessory Store. They are actually Gary Rome KIA, and have an incredibly responsive Parts Department. For right now, the Forte Remote is NOT listed on their website (but everything else IS), and you have to call them to place the order. I would suggest registering on the website FIRST, as it gains you an 11% discount on everything you purchase. All orders over US$150.00 get FREE SHIPPING!

Their number is 1-800-509-2652. More than likely you will connect with Ivy (pronounced Ee-vee). She is more than helpful, and will get you what you want QUICKLY. I placed my order this past Friday afternoon, and it will be shipped out on Tuesday.

Thought EVERYONE would like to know this information.

(P.S. - Ivy said after looking in her computer system that the Remote Start was apparently released for sale no more than 2 weeks ago. You'd think that KIA would be yelling about this... but... as we've seen..... silence.....)
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