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the same car!!!

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funny story i thought i would share....

as i was driving home from work this morning, a guy in a forte sedan pulled up next to me. i had the windows closed and i could see he was trying to get my attention and since i just had the windows tinted 2 days ago and cant open them yet i opened the door to see what he wanted.

"excuse me, what kind of car is that?"

so i laughed and said a kia forte!! and he looked at me funny and said "no seriously, what is that, i like it"

to which i replied.... "A KIA FORTE!!"

now this guy is probably had no idea his car came in a 2 door version, and is thinking im being a smart a$$ lol so i had to explain to him, that it was the same car he had and that kia makes a coup forte also called the KOUP. then hes trying to ask me all these questions and what not. i just thought it was hysterical lol
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It was your new spoiler that was confusing him...LoL!
Wow what an idiot! lol Pretty funny tho
lol i didnt put the spoiler on yet, waiting for the new brackets, and i mean, it doesnt say kia or forte on my car, so i kind of understand. but he had a look on his face like he was going to slap me for bing a d*ck, like i was making fun of his car lol no dude, its the same car!!!! lol
LOL I can just see it now,
then the guy goes home looks at and goes oooohhhh its a kia forte koup just like he said
Men, I bet he felt stupid! LOL
I can imagine you shouting over to him with your door open... Hehehe :p

These experiences are just one more reason why it's good to have a koup :D
i think im the only in NYC who has one, cause atleast 3 times a day people ask me what type of car it is! lol i feel so special now!
Man forte sedans and koups are all over the place up here where I am. I never get a second look from anyone!
I was just telling my brother how I have the only Koup around town, then that very same day we see 2!! One was a Spicy Red Koup EX and the other was a Corsa Blue EX.
until a few weeks ago it was really rare to see another one around here. the other day, I'm riding on the interstate and see a black forte sedan lx in front of me. I'm behind him for about 15 miles and then there is a black forte sedan lx beside me. I watched his head swivel around to look at the car in front of me as his own car's twin, then laughed out loud at the doubletake when he saw the exact same car AGAIN but with my exhaust lol

someone at school thought it was a v6 based on how it sounded when i pulled it in through the bay doors btw
just a few nights ago I went to the local starbucks.. (ya I know overpriced trendy coffee) But I like it anyway group of guys maybe nineteen or so stop me,

Kid is that a nissan", "what kind of car is that"

I look at him and smile.

"its a Kia Forte koup"

Kid, pause.... thats a nice car man"

I laughed to myself cause he paused like he was trying to get his head around the fact my car was a kia lol
Man forte sedans and koups are all over the place up here where I am. I never get a second look from anyone!
My neighbors bought cars like mine. Just around the block there's a black EX sedan and a red EX sedan (exactly like mine!). At least I got to enjoy a few months of being the only one around with a red Cerato :)
mine is frequently mistaken for a honda which is no bad thing a lot of people here have the perception that kias are cheap and nasty thats why the corolla is a number one seller here in oz, go cant figure that one out!
we are conservative bunch when it comes to buying cars:rolleyes:
I see mostly LX's still has the perception of being cheap and my local dealership really support that. I drove in yesturday to pick up a paint pen and counted 20 Rio's, 3 forte koups (all ex's), 2 sedans (lx and EX manual), 2 sorentos, 1 2011 sportage and 2 2010 sportages, a rondo and a magentis

Sure the Rio's are the value leader car but come're only hurting your image by having over half your cars being cars that people don't want....but the only cars people can afford.

I saw 2 sedans parked in a parking lot the other night and had to pull in to see if they wanted to swap headlights and told them i'd give them cash plus my headlights. It was two older couples and they were like "oh, do you have the same car at home?" i replied "no...i have the same car right here, but it only has two doors"....they wouldnt swap headlights because they were scared of warranty troubles down the road
lol!! That's a pretty funny story. I see sedans EVERYWHERE! To tell you the honest truth I think I've only seen 3 Koups I really wish sometimes I just went ahead and bought a Koup, but at the same time I love my Sedan. Eh..I!:D
Man that's a funny story!!! I get ppl askin ppl at my school what kind of car is my car (since teenagers are know for getting crapper cars..) then... They always see me, a girl, behind the wheel and they either laugh, or become ridiculously confused. Sighhhh, I hate my school... Lol only 8 months of this crap left!
I see the sedans all the time around the Portland area nowadays but none of them realize we have the same kind of car and will never look over at me. I'm even starting to see a few more Koups and the same thing, they never look! :mad:

Oh well. Still getting compliments about it every day though. It's a good feeling and keeps me happy about my purchase.
I just got my windows tinted. If someone in a sedan starts yelling at me I'm not getting out. :p
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