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Thinking of buying Forte Coupe, got a few questions.

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These may seem kinda silly but here goes

I sit in an EX yesterday and the radio display was "calculator style" and washed out, is their anyway to change this?

Second, is the sunroof mandatory on the SX?

Finally, what kind of gas mileage can I realistically expect on average from an SX?
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What's up stew? First off it's Koup lol you absolutely can change the display but by using an aftermarket system. I have a double din navigation in mine which is a 7 inch touchscreen with navigation and any other thing u can think of.

As for the sunroof. I don't believe it's mandatory in the SX's yet I DO have one.

And realistically, definitely depending on how you drive, where u drive (i.e. City/highway), auto or manual, mods, it's gunna probably be around 20-30. I drive mostly city driving and have an exhaust and a bunch of mods and I don't drive normally lol and I get about 16-17 mpg's. There are plenty of threads on here about gas mileage and what people get so check em out!
i dunno about the radio or clock. I have an SX. I went in looking for an EX but the deal was too good to pass up on the SX. All the Sxs they had at my dealership had sunroofs in them. I'll never use mine. Right now Im avaeraging 24.8 MPG but I drive an hour each way to work in traffic.
First with the display, it shouldn't be like that, mine is fine, it could have been the sun hitting off it and making the red a bit lighter, it does that. Secondly for the sunroof, depending on where you are located... The sunroof comes with all sx models in Canada and i'm pretty sure its an option in the US and optional on all Ex models everywhere. Finally, the EX model takes regular 87 octane gas, where the Sx models call for 91 octane (supreme/premium). It all depends on how you drive the Sx for gas mileage. You can really suck up the gas but if you don't drive wreckless its quite good on gas, you can get about 600+ kilometers easy before you have to gas up again! I'd say 6-7 Litres per every 100 kilometers on average!
Were the lights on? That would cause a much dimmer display and very hard to read in the daylight.
I drive 80 miles a day round trip and 76 of that is 65mph interstate and I average 33mpg.
2010 A/T SX Koup
Thanks for the answers! The display, being in red, is probably my issue, i am red/green colorblind! lol. I do drive roughly 100 miles a day, mostly highway.
Then there's your display issue haha you should get mid to high 20's in gas mileage
The instrument lighting has a switch on the left of the steering wheel on the dash. There's a knob you can turn that forces all instruments to be fully illuminated. If you leave it off the "max" setting, the car will make the instrument lighting dim when the headlights are on and "max" when the headlights are off. If you set the headlights to auto, sometimes the car turns on the lights too early (still bright outside) so the instrument lighting appears dimmer than it should be. If you prefer it to be fully lit all the time, just turn the knob all the way to the max till it clicks.

I get about 26mpg with half city and half highway/freeway driving. Where I live there are lots of hills as well.
Pump octane

Finally, the EX model takes regular 87 octane gas, where the Sx models call for 91 octane (supreme/premium).
Hi Peachy,
I just double checked my manual and both the EX and SX use a pump octane of 87 (just regular grade gas). It's the Research Octane value that is 91. I hope you haven't been using Premium gas all this time because you thought you had too :confused:

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