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this site has lots of stuff

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i havent come across this one yet-
its got a heaping pile of all sorts of stuff to look at
performance,comfort and look stuff for sale for our cars

SupeRich Motors | Car Accessories | SUV Accessories | Truck Accessories

of course-if i could read korean it would be even cooler lol
i've sent them an email asking if they have an english version of the site
should be interesting to see the reply.
(i wrote it up in english and korean using google translate)
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Nice find. Too bad I can't tell what the prices are. That LED moonroof is sick! I want it.
dude they have the rear bumper section for dual exhaust. and i think they have the dual exhaust system as well
weres all the sedan crap :( some one link me all i see is koupe this koupe that lol
250$ for that spoiler and that site is recommended to open in internet explorer not firefox
Pretty cool. IMO that's the best and closest looking lip spoiler next to the R spoiler. Too bad I can't understand the web page or how to place an order. Anyone here gonna take the plunge?
i already ordered the bright lip spoiler but those LED brake taillights look sick! can anyone translate this site?
under "price" all it says for the tail lights is "0 won". idk what that means but i emailed them...
Love the stuff on this site. Need the english version ; )
under "price" all it says for the tail lights is "0 won". idk what that means but i emailed them...
It means everything is free! I'll take two of everything...
I got this from a genesis forum.
Don't need to order directly from Sequence X. Talk to either Importshark (Mike) or Seoulfulracing (Jay) or even the guys from KPRace. They all sell Sequence products shipped from the US.
First lip spoiler i really liked, to bad i have no idea on what it says. Also like the wheels on that car, with the red wheel strip. I need to learn korean
Great place to have it say :)
oh yeah-in my email to that web site-
i mentioned this forum....told them that i was sure that a lot of folks here would be interested in their stuff :)
Well, I would definitely be interested in the lip spoiler. Do we know if it comes painted? Could anyone tell from the pics if it conforms to the shape of the trunk? I couldn't tell but I am guessing it does not.
I emailed this site a while back asking if they had a english version. The guy tried telling me that the site was in english -_-
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