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alright, so yesterday i got pulled over for *failing to legally change lanes*. i cant figure out what that is pin pointing because i DID use my blinker. well i ALSO didnt have my front license plate on so i got cited for that. now ive a friend who's a cop and he said that more than likely they'll drop the license plate citation, which was a wopping 162.10) and i will have to take defensive driving, which will lower the amt i have to pay for the lane change violation. now, i can either do the above, or i can fight the sh*t out of the BS ticket cuz its a joke. sooooo gimme your advice and comments.
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man dont even try to fight it you are going to need a lawyer=$$$ or plead guilty= $$$ loose loose situation i am in the same boat or just apply for your ar so it wont hit your points on your license=$$$ which is 35 $ upfront and 100$ next court day if you are approved note im in connecticut laws are strict here may not apply for your state
I wish the cops around here would fine people for lane change violations. it seems no one on PEI knows what a turn signal is for(also the proper use of a merge lane is a completely foreign concept). as for fighting it in court, it prob. isn't worth it, i tried fighting a ticket for squealing my tires and the judge sided with the cops even though they didn't have their facts straight. if there is a way to lessen the fines and any hit to driving record (points) the take that route.
ya if i plead guilty or no contest, 1)im going to have to hope they drop the plate citation because if they dont im gunna fight it because i dont have $334 for this ticket. if they do drop the citation then 2) i will have to pay the courts for defensive driving and that knocks the fine down quite a bit. i might have to pay $100 vs $334(both citations for 162.10). and as of laywer issue, i can fight it and not need one and represent myself. it really all depends on how they handle the license plate citation
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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