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Timing Chain 2017 Kia Forte 120,000 miles

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Had code P0017 car running perfect, got oil change Synthetic , code still on
Car still runs perfect. Checked VVT solonoids because easy to get to, did resistance
and put 9volt to see open and close all seemd ok Cleaned and replaced. Car still runs perfect
Dicsonnect battery to clear CEL car runs 30 miles perfect no CEL then come home car still runs perfect and CEL back on
code P0017 again Car does run perfect
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Why did you start a second thread, when you already have one going on the same problem (and which you never replied back on)?
Im a newbee forgive me ....
I posted what I did because there are so many airheads who show up on these forums and post problems, but never return even after others spend their time giving feedback. But it's apparent now that you're not one of them, and there's never a problem with someone not knowing how things work.

AFA your P0017 code, one important question is - do you live in a state which has any type of vehicle emissions testing (AKA safety testing)? The answer to that makes a big difference as to what your options are.
yes I am in N.J ....
Ok, then perhaps the college you attend is in another state, which doesn't have emissions testing?

I'll also ask you what the oil change history has been on this vehicle. I saw what you wrote about the one oil change, but I'm asking about the complete mileage frequency of the oil changes, or however much you know anyway. No need of exact numbers - I'm mainly interested if there were any abnormally long gaps between any oil changes.

....about 6 months ago i went for inspection and failed because the emissions, fuel system showed not ready. Ultimately i had Kia do a soft ware reboot. The test showed all ready and i got my inspection. ...
I've had to deal with this myself for many years, and have also seen lots of reports of emissions testing problems and resolutions. That said, I've never read anything like that before. But it worked, so good for you on that.
My college sons car oil changes around 5-7K miles, however when the oil change was done due to the P0017 code it was a late oil change about 7K-8K miles
That oil change history is fine, and the code is almost certainly not being set as a result of sludge in the engine.

Next question is the health of the charging system, particularly the battery. It's not clear to me if you are a DIYer, and have testing tools. If so, have you checked the battery with a meter yourself?

Don't waste time trying to reset the monitors, because one active OBD code will stop the emissions test. When the CEL is off and there are no active or permanent codes, the monitors will get to the ready state on their own, after the required amount of drive cycles takes place.
.... I brought up battery to Kia service they said has nothing to do with P0017 and did not test it
I continue to be amazed (appalled actually) how bad so many of these outfits are. ANY code is electrical. The charging system is what provides electricity to the vehicle. I guess 2 + 2 doesn't equal 4 for them. Sure, the code might not be caused by a faulty charging system, but to NOT just automatically do a simple load test on it? However, they tell you to do a chain job for $2300, with barely any diagnostics at all. Wow, they are SO WEAK.

And just an FYI that starting fine doesn't confirm that a battery is completely healthy. And a code being set can be a possible symptom of a bad battery - certainly not always or even most of the time, but a possibility nevertheless.

I take it you don't have a multimeter, so definitely take it somewhere to have the charging system tested. And if it's not too inconvenient, you might want to test it at 2 different shops or auto parts stores, because there have been cases reported where certain testing machines don't catch every issue with the battery. Again, I'm not saying this is what's causing the code to be set on your vehicle, just that it's a very basic, standard test to do, early in the diagnostic process.
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Yes, definitely check the battery with your meter, with the engine off, and running voltage as well.
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