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Just got the tint done today. 35% all around. PA's laws are weird from my understanding and not sure if anything or what is legal.

How about you guys? What did you do and what's your state/providence law?
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23% all around. I know that it is illegal but I don't expect it to be a big issue, as I drove my 99' cougar with the same tint and have been pulled over on several occasions with no issues.

Now that I've said that.........who knows what will happen.
Lol. I hear you. U better knock on wood now
i have 20% on mine but i have 1% on my xtreme and that has costed me 136 fine in kansas
I got 20% on the rear and 35 on the front... it looks very nice on the black on black forte sx. Thats the legal here in Ontario.
I have 5% back and 35% front (Illegal as hell in Cali), but I haven't had any issues YET! Well except for my smoked tail lights :(
I have 5% on the back and 20% on rear side. I put the max on the front side witch is 70% by law here in Quebec:(
It look realy nice with my gloss black roof wrap:cool:
If I get tint i can only do the back and the rear side windows, none allowed on the front windows, not sure how it will look, the front ones clear, the back and rear tinted. oh this is on a Racing Red Koup.
I'm going to get mine done on friday what would you guys reccommed? I have a titanium ex sedan, fyi. The place im going uses "solar gard" tint and i researched them online and they have about a thousand different choices including a kind of charcoal color. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of 20% all around but don't know if i should go with the regular black or if the charcoal would look better with the color of my paint. Any suggestions are appreciated!
I'm not sure how the charcoal tint would really look like. I think black would be a little bit better contrast.
Well being a fellow PS resident, i can tell you that the front windows can be no darker than 70%. The rear passenger and rear windshield can be as dark as you want. Some might ask, "Jsz3us how do you know this?" Well I have had 3 tickets for my tint on 3 different cars. I love tint too much to worry about a fine. This is the link to the PA attorney general site that states the PA laws Consumers: Protecting Consumers - Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

My argument every time is that if you read the the web page, it says "ANY VEHICLE". Shouldn't that include police cars?? So I asked the last cop that pulled me over 2 months ago when I had a Mazda 3. His cruzer had to have 5% all the way around. I asked him how he can get away with it and I cant?? He said that emergency vehicles don't apply to that law. Trying to not start an argument with a cop, I let it go.

All in all, if you see a cop, roll down your window. Don't worry about it in rain because no one likes standing in the rain, not even a cop to give a tint ticket.

Happy to be of help!

P.S. Forte scheduled for tint next month! 20% rears, 35% fronts HEHE
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I agree with you Subtle, i think i'll go for the 20% black even though its illegal in Ohio, oh well!
Trying to not start an argument with a cop, I let it go.

All in all, if you see a cop, roll down your window. Don't worry about it in rain because no one likes standing in the rain, not even a cop to give a tint ticket.

Happy to be of help!
Good advice. Roll down both windows and turn on your dome lights even during the day. It helps the Officer see into the vehicle much easier and lets them know you're being respectful. Just one more reason for them to give you just a warning and not a fine. ;)
I am looking at getting tints on my bright silver SX koup. Anyone have any ideas on how dark i should go. I live in NY btw and IDK the tint laws here so if anyone knows that info would be greatly appreciated :)
I got limo tint for the back windows and 20% in the front.

Quebec allows 70% for the front windows... :p (Knock on wood)
I live in California, but we plan to move back to Hawaii, so I had my EX tinted 35% all around, which is the legal limit in Hawaii. Standard black, no ceramic or titanium stuff. Couldn't afford it. With the lifetime warranty, was only $109 (US) for all five windows.
In Ohio its 50% on the front windows and any percentage on the back three. I was thinking about going 35% on the front and 20% on the back three but i was wondering if it would look wierd not all being tinted the same amount.
Louisiana is 50 on the front, 35 on the back, and 16 on the back windshield. I hate it, but it's better than nothing, and on my tC ticket, plus stripping the 35 off plus re-tinting cost almost as much as the initial tint for the entire car... and tint shops will NOT warranty illegal tint jobs, legal tint is warrantied for 5 yrs...
There is a reason most states do not allow the front windshield not to be tinted as dark as the others. They make the assumption that you will operate your vehicle at night and need to able to see out. Pedestrians can mess up your vehicle when you run them over because you did not see them. It kind of messes them up also. :D
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