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Tinting Mississauga & Brampton Area

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Anyone know of a good place to get tints done in the Mississauga or Brampton area?

and i mean good, I've seen some crap jobs that either looked like i did it, or started bubbling peeling a few years later.

I want none of that

any suggestions??
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another side note

what kinda $$$ should i expect to pay??
Refer to Koup SXR's build thread for his post on tint. Pablo is the man for tint.
I tried to get Pablo to do my tintz.. A tough dude to get ahold of but good work..

Your other choice is they do awesome tintz and use primo quality stuff.
cool thanks for the advice, i'll take a look into it
Come down to the LVT/UKE meet we will be hitting up a tint shop and getting a good deal drag some more fortes with you lol

Ps. I know it's not in that area
went and got it done at krown, looks pretty sick i went with 20%
Nice choice. I just got mine done today %20 all around. The place I got it done do a lot of dealerships around the area and came with a life time warranty against fading and bubbles so I jumped on it. I payed something like $245 with tax. What did you end up paying if I may ask?
$200 tax included
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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