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Tire Pressure?

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I was wondering what everyone is actually inflating their tires to? I have nitro in my tires and my car has 6000K on it and my TPMS light has come on twice. I think I figured out which tire it was was i have been fillin with regular air even though I have free fills at the dealer. I think I have a small nail or somthing in my tire. My first oil change at the dealer I will have them look at it and refill all tires with nitro again. I filled them today to 40 FYI.
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The recommended psi that is on the driver side door sticker. 32 psi I believe
40 psi is a bit much in my opinion. The factory recommended is 32. The owners manual says you can put in an extra 4 psi in for winter tires.
yeah I know it says 32, but was wondering what everyone else was sitting at. Also if you are getting better mpg at a slighty higher psi. I duno if the gage on the fill hose was even accurate. I have noticed they are usually a bit off on the low side. car seemed to drive better though on my way home from work tonight.
From what I know the recomended psi will give you as good of gas mileageas you could ask for. The down side to overinflation is premature tire wear which outweighs the gas you will save.
The tpms light has nothing to due with air pressure it is a problem with the tpms system take it to the dealer for this, the low tire pressure light sould not go on with nitro in the tires if you keep them toped off once a month or every two months
i put in 35psi
not my tpms light, the low pressure light came on. I was thinking with nitro it should not be coming on at 6k miles. I was like this crap is a scam lol I'm thinking i have small leak from a nail or something, we shall see when I get my first oil change.
At least on my car, there's a drastic change in ride comfort if I inflate over 32 psi. The rear tire I set to 31.5 PSI.
I'm riding 32 all around, have to put a couple pounds of pressure in every couple weeks
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