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Tire products (cleaning... shining)

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I recently just purchased a new set of rims and tires online and had them sent to me through UPS. Everything looks great except the tires. They are very dull and have no shine and are not black but almost like a dull gray. I assume this is because they are new but not exactly clean. My question is what products do people like for cleaning their tires, making them shine etc...

I am looking for a good product to make my tires look jet black. I already use a good product called Black Magic Tire Wet which I will use after to make them shiny and look wet. Any help is appreciated.
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i always use the armour all tire gel that goes on the bad and your "rub" it on the tire. sprays and foams are easy but they spray in between the spokes onto your brakes and idk what effect, if any, the chemicals have on it but i also dont want to find out. so its what i like :) and imo, the result is the cleanest out there... i should be their spokesman haha jk but thats what i use
Before I wash my car I spray a cleaner called Biosol 315. Its manufactured in Canada so I doubt you have any access to it. I spray it on the rims and wheels, and I watch brown stains and previous tire foams drip off. Hit it with high pressure from the garden hose and with a little bit of scrubbing from a bristle brush the tires are back to natural black.

Most recently, I tried Eagle1 tire/wheel cleaner. It foams and has much of the same effect, just not as easily as the 315. Plus the 315 is enviro-friendly.

After washing I use Armor All's Extreme Tire Shine Gel in the orange bottle. You apply it with the foam applicator. Its probably the one I like best since it lasts long, doesn't collect dust or look residue-ey, and doesn't flick off up the side of my vehicle. Depending where I go I can get 10+ days before my tires start to look brown from dirt/dust - by then my whole car needs a cleaning. It has withstood a few rainy days too.
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By the time I posted Aidensgrand post was up. I was going to edit it mine but thats what I'm talking about too. As he said, the gel and the applicator control the product to keep anything off cleaned wheels and more importantly rotors.
I scrub the tire with soap and brush to get the crap off then apply Meguiar's Hot Shine tire spray. Good for a few washes then reapply.
Meguiar's Direct Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray
Awesome suggestions so far. I am definitely gonna scrub the hell out of em to get the crap off then I hope they will look black. Then I will apply one of the products suggested and see how they turn out.
Ok, well I decided to scrub my wheels rather vigorously with a brush, soap, and water and to my surprise they didn't really come clean at all and when they dried they looked like @ss still. I then took the suggestion of Aidensgrand and picked up the Armorall Tire Gel that can with a sponge applicator and they came out very nice. Have a look...
Mine i clean the tire with stp super clean and use armor all foam tire shine and it work just great. I will scrub the tires with the super clean with a brush and let them dry and spary them let that dry and then wipe out the over spray on my rims with a cloth, and it even seems to shine up the rims!!
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