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Titanium or Corsa Blue?

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Whats up guys and gals, I'm planning on buying a Kia Forte Koup EX but can't decide on a color. I have narrowed it down to Titanium and Corsa Blue but am torn between the two. I was really impressed with the Titanium, but I saw it on a sunny day and wondered if it looked somewhat dull on cloudy days. I just don't know if it would be as impressive looking if it wasn't a nice day. I also loved the Corsa Blue, and would, in my opinion be a little bit of a sportier look. What are your guys' opinions, does the Titanium look dull or less impressive if the sun isn't out and what color do you think I should get?
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Get Copperhead!!!! :D

BTW, welcome!!!
What ever colouryou think about the most before you consider the other colour. I just went through this choice and I got the Burnt Orange (aka Copperhead). I had to be different, but was torn by the Titanium as well.
I was debating on these two colors also. I went with the Titanium EX for a few different reasons. Mine has the two toned cream and black interior which I like better than the all black interior and I also liked how the stock EX wheels matched the Titanium body color.

The Titanium definitely isn't as impressive as the Corsa Blue but I decided I wanted to be a little bit more subtle, hence my name. Whatever color you decide on you're gonna draw attention with the clean lines on this car.
I agree, I would definitely rather have the Stone interior rather than the all black, which black is the only one Blue comes in. I do like how the wheels match up with the Titanium more, but I'll probably be getting different wheels for it anyway. I also wonder which looks better with tinted windows.
BTW Subtle, how does the Titanium look on a cloudy day? Does it look like a grayish when it's not sunny, or does it still have that shine to it?
New car, new paint, keep it clean and it's gonna shine anytime. Definitely not gonna pop as much as the blue on a cloudy day though.
Titanium for the WIN !!!! :D

Nick :cool:
i git the corsa blue. well worth the attention it gets... all i gotta say is that there are a ton of gray/silver cars on the market/streets. not too msany blue ones, and the corsa blue sure is a special kind of blue.

it definately turns a lot of heads... now i just need to keep it shiney :D
I just bought the Corsa Blue, and love it.
Only problem is it seems all the accessories I wanna buy will have to be custom painted, as they aren't made in that stock color... :(
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