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It's not about jumping on bandwagons or the fact that you want to do it yourself. Sometimes it's how you say things.

Your original statement of you dont want to pay $250 for $20 piping and a $20 filter insinuates that's what TK's kit is. When in fact there is "engineering", design, r&d and various other costs and parts involved.

It's insulting not only to TK but to others who support one of the forums sponsors.

You say you are an engineering student? But yet you want to copy their work?? If you are serious about engineering, figure it out. Isn't that where the fun part would be?

I hope your able to create one on the cheap through your efforts and I honestly hope you do.

Just my 2 cents and best of luck.
Well said Beast...but you are being to nice:p. If he is a engineering student that can't figure how much pipe it will take to go from A to B, then he better stay in school!:D JMO
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