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I agree w/ Bigbullldogg. Sounds like you are in 6th gear way too soon. I never use 6th below around 60 mph (unless it's downhill).

Higher gear does not necessarily mean higher efficiency. You have to "choose the right tool for the job" as they say.

While driving for efficiency I try to pick the gear that allows my gas pedal to travel the least amount. I cannot say this is the best method; but if you spend a week or so really paying attention to how far your foot has to travel at each gear to accelerate or stay at speed I think you will find that you are pushing the pedal further in higher gears if you enter them too soon than you would have if you waited.

I get fairly good gas mileage and driving this way my forte still has a good omph! to it. Every so often it is nice to hang in third gear till about 60 mph though ;) haha
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