Kia Forte Forum banner full exhuast drive by

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tell me if the link works, i have no idea how to use this thing lol
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you catless? it sounded kinda blatty.. but the pops afterwords sounded awesome
Why is pops alarmed. Did you ring a bell? Lol
thats the free flow cat on
Are you ready for this meet now?
not yet.... waiting for a spoiler, then having that and the body kit painted. and maybe if im lucky the turbo will be ready but i doubt that. i missed being number 5 by a day! :(
I just got pulled over...thanks lol
I just got pulled over...thanks lol
LOL!!! The gift that keeps on giving...LoL!

Sounds good...but loud...
You need to move man. the police don't like you there lol
I just got pulled over...thanks lol
hahaha, and i thought the cops hated ME.

on a more serious note though:

too loud of an exhaust??
You need to move man. the police don't like you there lol

the video is missing some backgrund music.... you know anyone who can sing and film at the same time? lol

i only get pulled over cause cops have nothing to do over here. theres no murders, no robberies... its just kids popping pills and illegal street racing. i dont pop pills, and i guess it looks like i street race....which i dont! :D
You street race? Nooooooo
i plead the 5th only because certain members of my family read my posts! lol
lmao! how nice attention (k)illed (i)n (a)ction family members. please pm me to tell you how naughty he has been. :p
too old to get punished, not old enough to not get yelled at! lol
You better watch it. They going to boot your car!
Sounds really nice. Try testing out your exhaust in some tunnels or under some bridges, maybe a couple vids :rolleyes:

Actually if you're willing to do another vid, would you mind having your Koup run at low RPM's, because that's a deal breaker for me, I would want my ideal exhaust to be "quiet" when I'm driving casually but loud when I want it to be loud. I remember driving in this one Integra and the drone of the exhaust drove me crazy. It was like listening to a bumble bee buzzing non stop.
You better watch it. They going to boot your car!
it got towed once...does that count? lol
cant hear it at idle, but as soon as you gun it, you can hear it from 10 blocks away. its not like the fart can muffler, its a little more nascar racey kind of.. lol hard to explain
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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