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Hey alberto1dh!

The total increase in impact harshness will depend not only on the springs but also on whether you stick to the OEM all-season tires on 17" rims or go to high performance summer tires on 18" (which, you've indicated above, is your plan. BTW, did you get the XXR 521s?)

If you were to install only the 18" rims/tires, you'd notice slightly more impact harshness than installing only the Eibach's with the OEM wheels/tires. In other words, the Eibach springs add less 'harsness' than 18" high-perf rubber.

I installed both and yes, overall there is a small but still noticeable increase in impact harshness. In my opinion, it's a small price to pay for the very siginificant improvement in handling/feedback/traction.

Both SXR and lleader have experienced my car with the mods from their own perspective on the subject (SXR: handling more important, lleader: cosmetics/comfort more important) and both found exactly what they were looking for so I'm tempted to conclude that the end result of my setup is just right in the sliding scale of comfort-versus-handling compromise.

To Aidensgrand who mentions his friend's Civic, I'll say that the springs used can have a HUGE influence in impact harshness; Eibach and H&R are not the only ones out there and it's possible to drop 1.5" or more but with springs for track use which are 'holy crap!' much more stiff than stock and yes, the street ride on those would be punishing... Plus, it may have been on 19" or maybe even 20" rims/tires...??? And we haven't talked about shocks with can add a whole lot more impact harshness (using way more compression damping) all of which would be the setup for track use but 'unliveable' in the street.

Ya gotta drop her!!:cool:

You'll share pictures, right!


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