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I have driven ******'s Koup and I absolutely loved it! Those Ultra racing suspension components are incredible. It was ...literally... like driving a gokart. The ride quality was excellent.
I didn't drive ******'s car, but he did take me for a ride. Go-kart was exactly the expression I used for the experience. I wanted the ride in his car to see what the ride was like because I want to lower my Koup for cosmetic reasons only and I find the ride of the SX already stiffer than I would prefer. I was happy to find that the ride was not significantly harder than my stock SX. I had him purposly aim for bumps/manholes to check it out. The only possibly negative point I experienced was at one place there was a dip in the road and I thought I felt the car bottom out against the bump stops where the stock car probably wouldn't have.
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