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I read and read and read !
Please tell me if I get this right to improve my sound.

The absolute first step would be to change front speakers, right ?
So I have to buy good 6.5' components (JL Audio C-5, Alpine R-Series and Kenwood eXcelons are often suggested by D113 but I have to listen to it and make my own personal judgment).
Question to D113 (and you all): on some tutorials I see that you have (had) Boston Acoustics stuff in the front doors: are still recommended (I used to have some and they sounded good to me)

Second step: buy an amp and connect it to HU with a LOC, right ? D113 suggests Cache coe6 but a good passive would do if on a budget, right?
Question: I actually have an old Phoenix Gold amp (QX4150) on my 1999 Toyota. Is it worth stripping it and using it in the Forte for driving the front components and the unchanged back ? If not, what should I buy in the 350$'s ?

What would be the third step: change the back speakers for good coaxials or buy a 8'' or 10'' subwoofer and using two channels of my PG amp to drive it ? If it's the right thing to do, where should I put it ?

I understand the fourth step would be to damp the doors (thanks D113 for the tutorial!), right ?

Thanks everyone to share and comment. I hope I did my prerequisite homeworks well and that I don't sound too much like the newbie that ask the same questions without any prior readings !
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