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Hello everyone. New guy here. I don't own a Forte yet.

The Forte SX had been at the top of my list of cars for next purchase. Then I read on another forum about an auto trans 2nd to 3rd gear shift/jerk problem and I cooled off. I was then looking hard at the new '11 Sonata. Great looking car with 200 hp direct injection motor. Well I drove one of those yesterday and was underwhelmed. Sure didn't feel like 200 hp. It was the SE model with sport tuned suspension but didn't feel that way. So I went and drove the Forte SX again. It happened to be a Koup. It's back at the top of my list. :D It just felt good. More grunt than the Sonata. Better handling. Just felt sportier.

I trust that Kia will resolve the auto trans shift/jerk problem before long. Although I did not notice it in the car I drove yesterday. I'll probably buy this fall and am looking forward to it.

BTW, have any of you experienced a shift/jerk probelm going from 2nd to 3rd with the automatic transmission? According to the owners it was happening only on the first time the car shifted from 2nd to 3rd. After that first 2nd/3rd shift there was no more problem until the next time the car was driven.

Just thought I'd share the experience.
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